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Glad to meet you here!
The decision to keep OR sell land has MANY factors to consider.
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Hi landowner!  This set of 5 videos were recorded just for you.  Lynn Hennigan, local farm succession specialist and land agent, talks through over 26 factors that feed into decision making surrounding continuing land ownership.  Each video lasts 5-20 minutes and shares fun stories from her years working with land-owning families-- just like yours.  

For your convenience, the topics are broke down into 4 broad categories.

Wealth creation

Health of my land

Every person

Needs and the nice things

+ a bonus video

If you are a note-taker, you will also find a .pdf download below.


Wealth creation
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on August 20 at 7:00pm.  
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Health of my land
Final_ WHEN worksheet-Pg1_Image.png
Use this PDF to organize your thoughts and find the next step that fits you best!
Every person
Needs & the nice things
Bonus thoughts
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Inclined to sell your land?


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Schedule a private consultation with Lynn by 

calling  785-285-1208

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