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Both farm business owners and landowners look to Lynn’s guidance when it comes to getting all the moving parts involved in farm succession headed toward the same vision. 


She will guide you through the detailed steps to facilitate change at your pace. From moderating meetings in farm shops to detailed spreadsheet calculations projecting tax ramifications, she strives to ensure everyone has clear, sound information for decision making. Stories about her own farming family always help cut the tension at just the right moment.


Lynn has worked with the full gamut of farm owners in Northeast Kansas. From large diversified multi-family corporations to individuals purchasing their first farm.  She understands different farming practices from row-crop to greenhouses to intensive grazing to feedlots. Whatever you grow she will appreciate and relate to it.


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Other professionals
such as your: 
  • tax preparer
  • attorney
  • crop insurance agent
  • property & casualty insurance agent
  • life insurance agent
  • farm service agency staff
  • lender
will likely contribute to the process to ensure the smoothest transition possible


300 acre landowner that wants to leave his land undivided to his four adult children, but wasn't sure if it was a good idea


Lynn does not have a background in counseling or mediation.

For families that have severely strained relationships, the Kansas Ag Mediation Service (KAMS) will better be able to serve your needs.

Learn more about this excellent service at

Curious to learn more? 

Give Lynn a call or e-mail to discuss if our Farm Succession Services are a good fit for you.

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