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Communication between parties that have different goals can be tricky. Especially when the farmer doesn't speak 'landowner' or the landowner doesn't speak 'farmer.'

Honest, successful farming relationships are important to me. The key to achieving this is communication spoken in a language that can be readily understood by each individual.  

For my client's properties, my default goal is for the land to be well-cared for and create more profit because of excellent working relationships and farming practices. Your leases will be tailored to meet your personal goals. 

Farm Management for Absentee Landowners 
  • We find the right tenant for you

  • Write leases 

  • Meet with your tenant annually

  • Oversee lease terms

  • Drive over your land and communicate areas for improvement

  • Collect cash rent or market crops as needed

  • Timely disperse payments to you

Farm Management Coaching
  • ​For seasoned farmers to brand new landowners and all those in between

  • Confidential and non-judgmental space to speak your mind & ask questions

  • Gain insight from my experiences

  • Accountability partner

  • In-person or by video chat

Curious to learn more? 

Give Lynn a call or e-mail to discuss if Farm Management Services are a good fit for you.

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