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Lynn was raised near Gower, MO with vice grips on her hip working with her parents & grandparents to raise Holstein cattle. 

She excelled in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University and spent a year experiencing New Zealand agriculture while earning a Masters in Farm Management Consultancy. 

Lynn learned the nuances of farm dynamics from 130 different farm families while serving as their Farm Management Association Economist.  She is very active with her young family.  Motivated by belief, each day she seeks to follow Jesus by serving individuals with truth and love.

Her strengths are coaching, problem-solving, analyzing, peacekeeping & brainstorming.  She values being God-led, honest, healthy, giving, and curious.

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You can view the full details of her professional background here.


Phone messages, text, or e-mail are all great ways to get a hold of Lynn. 

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