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It's not about you

It's not about you.

It's not about me.

These statements are the opposite of what our culture says. Yet, I see these traits in most high-growth farms.

Just like you cultivate high yields in corn, high human yield can also be cultivated through research, trait/tool selection, and regular fertilization.

If it is all about you, your yield is limited to what you can produce each day. Sure, larger machinery helps, but it's not the solution. Living your life to empower those around you to be more, will compound your personal yield beyond conceivable expectation.

Find 25 minutes of uninterrupted windshield time and put this podcast in your ear. Rick Warren's God Can Use Anybody — Part 2 Use the player on this page or search for it in your favorite podcast hub.


Let the words sink in like a soaking rain

Repeat, listen 4 or 5 times

Think of little things you could do differently in your words and actions, small seeds



(Leave the spray rig at home 😉)


"It's not about you" is the opening line from Rick Warren's book Purpose Driven Life (>35 million copies sold, per Amazon). Like Rick mentions in the podcast, "I sometimes have to say that 20-30-40 times a day to myself, 'It's not about me.'" minutes 4:20-7:00

When our farm teams are all centered around serving our one true God, it is no longer about the individual. It is about following God's will with acceptance and faith. It unifies farm families into working together as well-oiled teams that can produce BIG YIELDS year in and year out.

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