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They simply do the best job of marketing farms and recreation property in our area. As a regional company, they provide national exposure with local service.  
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Broker Rickey L. Barnes

How do I market farms? 


As public or as private as you desire.  


First, you & I will define your goals. Then I will run the numbers giving you the potential value of your farm and an estimate of income tax owed from a sale. Then you will determine if it is the right time to sell to meet your personal wealth goals.


If you decide to sell, then we discuss options of how to market your property to hit your goals.  This could be anything from highly advertised public auction to a targeted sealed bid solicitation to a general real estate listing. 


You decide and the team at Barnes Realty will get it sold.

Why Choose Lynn as Your Agent?


Well, in the words of previous client Louis Clark “She’s a worker.” Curious by nature, she looks into each property thoroughly. She is warm and welcoming to potential buyers. Often, people that call in to inquire about properties pause before hanging up to let Lynn know how nice it was to have an agent be genuinely helpful. 


Essentially, you will receive excellent customer service and a gal that gets land sold.

Farm Valuation

Please note, I am not a certified land appraiser. For many IRS and lending purposes, a certified land appraisal is required. Just give me a call and I will be happy to help you find a certified appraiser.

What I can provide you is a Broker Price Opinion of the value of your land. This will evaluate your property's soils, land use, comparable sales, and the neighborhood market to give you a fair market value estimate of your property in a printed report.

Curious to learn more? 

Give Lynn a call or e-mail to discuss if Barnes Realty is a good fit for you.

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